If you would like to speak to any of my existing clients, please just ask.  Meanwhile, here are some testimonials from colleagues and clients, past and present:

“Calum takes your problem, makes it his problem, and then resolves your problem. I have worked with Calum on several projects now and he can be relied upon to bring great insight and clarity to every situation.” (Noel Penrose, formerly Vice President, DDB Worldwide)

“Calum worked for two and a half years on a venture of ours, initially as a consultant, and then as CEO.  When he started, the business was more or less a disaster. By the time he left it was in much better shape: fully funded, with a strong technology and IP base, a great team and a healthy sales pipeline.  This is testament to Calum’s energy, enthusiasm and skills.  I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who needs a business launched, re-launched, or re-vitalised.” (Ben Goldsmith, founder partner, WHEB)

“Calum has brought a wealth of experience and commercial acumen to his non-executive role in our company, and is able to give us a sense-check on what we are planning from his own experience of consulting to and running SMEs.  He is an incisive thinker, and has a knack of uncovering the root of the issue even when the situation is muddied or unclear.

One of the things I appreciate most about Calum is that he is very comfortable challenging the status quo when he perceives there may be a gap in our thinking.  I also appreciate that while he presents his perspective very clearly and persuasively, he still gives us plenty of space to take ownership of the final decision, and will support us even if we disagree.  He is also very calm in a crisis, and because he is so skilled at analysing and presenting facts in a simple and clear way, he helps to get the best out of all team members.  This has been particularly important for us as we have such a diverse leadership team.

Finally, we have found Calum to be a consummate professional in his discretion, dedication and reliability.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any company seeking someone to fill a non-exec role.” (Steve Whitla, founder, Delta 7)

“Calum brought a keen intellect coupled with insights gained from many years of experience to help deliver a business plan that enabled me to raise capital for a UK start-up. He knows what it is like at the “coal face” whilst understanding the thought processes of investors. I recommend him strongly.”  (William Charlwood, founder, AdWords Management)

“Calum is incisive and rigorous – a genuinely challenging business thinker – and thinker full stop.”  (Mark Johnson, Brand and marketing communications consultant)

“Calum is probably the most experienced and qualified person in the media and ad business.  I was lucky enough to meet him at the time we were launching our operation and his knowledge, enthusiasm and totally professional approach were quite exceptional.”  (Mike Ramseyer, CEO at Mymarketmonitor.com)

“Calum had complete clarity and vision in his role as Commercial Director. He has an intelligent grasp of strategic intent and will be a major asset to any business.” (Paul Kemp, Regional Outsourcing Director at Tag Worldwide Group Ltd)

“Calum has a detailed insight into the media industries which he uses to form clear and concise recommendations. He has strong, well developed communications, facilitation and leadership skills. One of those rare individuals who can combine theoretical understanding with practical experience to produce results.” (Martin Heath, Finance and Commercial Director at Solar PV Partners)

“Calum takes a highly professional approach to his work. He is also innovative in his thinking and persuasive in the way that he presents his ideas.” (Julian Rawle, Owner of Pioneer Consulting, market leader in submarine fibre optic cable systems)

“All the other comments describe the Calum I know, but in addition he is smart, he cares, he is good company over a lunch with a decent bottle of wine, and you leave smiling with your brain having had a damn good work out.  And most of all he doesn’t talk corporate bollocks.” (Adam Singer, Media CEO)

“How can I describe Calum better than my old friend, Adam Singer?  Calum has an extensive knowledge of both the media space and business operations in general from which he provides very practical advice. He is also challenging, so don’t expect your own theory to get away unchallenged.  Oh, and he’s fun too.”  (Peter Read, NED, previously partner at KPMG)

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