Chair, Coach, Consultant

In a 30-year career I have run, worked in and consulted to hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes.  After graduating from Oxford in 1981, I trained with the BBC and then BP.  I took an MBA at Cranfield and spent the rest of my career as a strategy consultant with KPMG, founding and running smaller firms, or working client-side as director or CEO for a series of entrepreneurial businesses. (Details available on my LinkedIn page.) 

I have developed a broad range of valuable contacts, and I have seen people make most of the mistakes that can be made – and made quite a few of them myself.  Based on this experience, I co-authored a best-selling book about how to start and grow a business.  As a result I can help you to avoid the mistakes, and avoid re-inventing wheels.

Writer and Speaker

In March 2015 I published Pandora’s Brain, a novel about the arrival of the first conscious machine. The success of this project led me to publish two non-fiction books about the future of artificial intelligence, Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity. Both became best-sellers, and both are now in their third editions.

These books led unexpectedly to a new career in giving keynote talks at conferences, festivals and summit meetings. My overall theme is that we are lucky enough to live at the best time ever to be a human, and that if we are a bit smart, our world will get far, far better. Of course, there are challenges…

For more information about my kenotes, go here.

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