Three Cs is the publisher of my books about artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence, starting with Pandora’s Brain, a novel about the creation of the first conscious machines.

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Pandora’s Brain is available on Amazon in both paperback and (shortly) ebook formats.  Here are some reviews:

I love the concepts in this book!”

Peter James, author of the best-selling Roy Grace series

Awesome!  Count me as a fan.”

Brad Feld, co-founder of the Foundry Group and Techstars

Pandora’s Brain is a captivating tale of developments in artificial intelligence that could, conceivably, be just around the corner. The imminent possibility of these breakthroughs cause characters in the book to re-evaluate many of their cherished beliefs, and will lead most readers to several “OMG” realisations about their own philosophies of life. Apple carts that are upended in the processes are unlikely ever to be righted again. Once the ideas have escaped from the pages of this Pandora’s box of a book, there’s no going back to a state of innocence.

Mainly set in the present day, the plot unfolds in an environment that seems reassuringly familiar, but which is overshadowed by a combination of both menace and promise. Carefully crafted, and absorbing from its very start, the book held my rapt attention throughout a series of surprise twists, as various personalities react in different ways to a growing awareness of that menace and promise.”

David Wood, Chairman of the London Futurist Group

Pandora’s Brain is a tour de force that neatly explains the key concepts behind the likely future of artificial intelligence in the context of a thriller novel. Ambitious and well executed, it will appeal to a broad range of readers.

In the same way that Suarez’s Daemon and Naam’s Nexus leaped onto the scene, redefining what it meant to write about technology, Pandora’s Brain will do the same for artificial intelligence.

Mind uploading? Check. Human equivalent AI? Check. Hard takeoff singularity? Check. Strap in, this is one heck of a ride.”

William Hertling, author of the “Avogadro” series of novels

I was eagerly anticipating a fiction adventure book on precisely this topic!  Very well done, Calum Chace.  A timely, suspenseful, and balanced portrayal of AI and the most important decisions humanity will make in the near future.”

Hank Pellissier, producer of the Transhuman Visions conferences

It’s hard not to write in clichés about Calum Chace’s premiere novel: “a page-turner,” “a hi-tech thriller,” “action-packed,” and “thought-provoking” all come to mind. But in a world where most people aren’t thinking past their next text message and what they’re having for lunch, Chace has crafted a novel that provides a credible look at where the human race could be tomorrow – and the next day. It’s the future of sci-fi: a totally realistic, totally readable book that challenges you as it entertains. So, if you like to read and if you like to think, I have one piece of advice—open Pandora’s Brain.”

Jeff Pinsker, Vice President, Scholastic

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